AMD Trinity benchmarks released

/ 6 years ago

As you may know “Trinity” is AMD’s name for its next generation accelerated processing units or APUs. They will be based on a physically new socket called FM2 which follows on from the FM1 but is not backwards compatible. The chips will take advantage of AMD’s Piledriver core architecture as well as newly designed VLIW4 graphics architecture which will pack Radeon cores onto the processors. A video was leaked on DonanimHaber showing the performance levels of the upcoming Trinity APUs and they certainly look promising.

The benchmarks take into consideration 3DMarkVantage, PCMarkVantage, Calculated CTP SP and GFLOPs as well as graphs for dual graphics benchmarks with the new Trinity units. The performance gain is roughly 30-55% depending on the type of application which is a healthy gain and will sure to reinforce AMD’s position in that integrated all-in-one market providing they can meet capacity demands.

Source: DonanimHaber

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