AMD Trinity delivers 29% more productivity and 56% increase visuals over Llano

/ 6 years ago

One of the infamous AMD “marketing slide leaks” has arrived yet again on the internet this time courtesy of Sweclockers not the infamous Donanimhaber. The slide summarises performance information about the upcoming Trinity codename APUs which are the successors to AMD’s FM1 based Llano APUs. The Trinity APU will feature a new FM2 socket but the same A75 chipset along with 40nm VLIW4 based GPUs as well as 32nm Piledriver (next gen Bulldozer) based CPU cores. In terms of the phrase “29% increase in productivity performance” we think this is implying CPU performance, so a 29% gain in CPU performance has been achieved although we don’t know what model this is a comparison against. Also we don’t know if its a clock for clock and core for core comparison i.e a Llano quad core at 3GHz versus a Trinity quad core at 3GHz. Its possible that the refinement of the 32nm process means Piledriver can achieve higher clocks with the same power draw so the Trinity APUs could be 29% faster with a faster stock clock speed.

A 56% increase in visuals suggests significant improvement on the graphics side of things thanks to the improved 40nm VLIW4 based GPUs on the Trinity APUs. AMD is claiming Windows 8 optimisation, Turbo Core 3.0 (which will give auto overclocking on applications requiring less than the full number of cores) and HD media accelerator capabilities probably meaning some new kind of decoding mechanism which allows for more efficient media playback. For the mobile versions of Trinity AMD is claiming up to 12 hours of battery life although again we don’t know how strong the battery was and under what conditions the particular mobile unit was placed under.

Source: SweClockers

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