AMD Trinity for Desktop due October 1st

/ 5 years ago

Currently AMD’s Trinity APU can only be bought inside systems sold by big manufacturer such as HP, DELL, Lenovo and others. AMD plans to make the Trinity based second generation APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) available in consumer retail form from October the 1st. The reason behind AMD waiting so long for Trinity can be explained quite simply. Problems with Llano led to shortages of stock, but eventually production picked up and yields increased significantly, endowing the market with significant amounts of stock. As a result there are still a significant amount of AMD Llano based APUs to be digested by the market before AMD can afford to introduce the Trinity APUs.

It is essential that AMD maximises revenue from remaining Llano stock before introducing Trinity or it could have to undercut its Llano prices to shift them. Across the market it is widely hoped that AMD’s Trinity APUs will be hugely successful as AMD isn’t in a great state right now, yet no one would want to see the x86 underdog go bankrupt as someone needs to provide Intel with appropriate competition. Fingers crossed that Trinity will meet market expectations.


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