AMD’s Trinity to be compatible with A75

/ 6 years ago

AMD’s upcoming Virgo platform, which consists of the Trinity APU, will run with the A75 “Hudson-D” chipset. So this begs the question will the FM2 socket APUs be compatible with the FM1 socket if they utilise the same chipset, but unfortunately we do not know the exact answer to this. Trinity has four x86-64 cores based on the next-generation “Piledriver” architecture, arranged in two Piledriver modules. AMD is promising 20% better CPU performance, 30% better GPU performance on the next generation of Trinity APUs and For multi monitor set ups right out of the box the Trinity APUs will support three monitors.

The integrated memory controller will get an overhaul, too. Unlike with K10-based processors that have two independent 64-bit wide memory interfaces that can be configured to work ganged or unganged, Trinity will have a single 128-bit memory interface, the controller will support dual-channel DDR3-2133 MHz memory standard, with DRAM voltages of under 1.5V. Trinity will include a 24-lane PCI-Express root complex, it supports 2-way multi-GPU configurations.

Source: TechPowerUp and DonanimHaber

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