AMD Volcanic Islands GPUs Leaked

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AMD’s Volcanic Islands codename Hawaii GPUs have been officially confirmed by an AMD website. First spotted by Guru3D forum member Lane the AMD website confirms that the GPUs exist and are in development. Interestingly the AiB (add in board) partner training program begins on September 26th suggesting the release will follow soon after in Q4 of this year.

While the website doesn’t reveal to us new details what we do now have is official confirmation more or less. If you are interested in checking out details on the new HD 9000 series then please check here. Interestingly AMD are skipping the HD 8000 series and going straight to the HD 9000 series. The flagship of the series will be HD 9970 which has already been spotted.

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Enthusiasts will be hoping that AMD’s second iteration of the 28nm process will be capable of matching Nvidia’s GK110 based GTX Titan and GTX 780s that are currently dominating AMD at the top end of the market. Interestingly Nvidia has said it plans to release no new GPUs until AMD responds with new releases of their own.

Image courtesy of Guru3D, Information via Chiploco

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2 Responses to “AMD Volcanic Islands GPUs Leaked”
  1. Wayne says:

    Lets hope it out performs it’s nVidia equivalent for the same price. It’ll force nVidia to lower their prices but I suppose I’m being too optimistic.

  2. Potus says:

    Strange – this “let’s wait and see” approach by both these companies seem to enforce the idea that they are curbing hardware releases in favor of maximizing profits. Let me explain: On a technological developmental standpoint, if a company releases tech that has been thoroughly gone over through their R&D departments, these products would have to be their current and greatest release until such a time that they are able to uncover more breakthroughs worthy to be incorporated into new hardware, which presumably isn’t on an every six-month basis – it would take longer. On a profit-driven approach, trickling improvements on hardware on a regular and scheduled basis would appeal to tech junkies who buy the said products, albeit improvements compared to the past hardware iteration is minimal, in fact this is SOMETIMES quickly solved by a little OC or software optimization. And we thought this only happened in the smartphone industry, where you get the best and greatest every 6th months or something similar to that.

    AMD seems to wander off to stroke their new babies – the APUs, leaving their CPUs in the dust. Considering R&D finances have been pushed into their GPU and APU departments, it’s no wonder they’re playing second fiddle to both Intel and Nvidia as a result. But let’s hope that their Unified memory architecture indeed does bare its teeth early on so we can see CPUs utilizing high speed GDDR-type memories alongside its GPU brethren. Let’s also hope they stop production of their entry-level GPUs and let their APUs take care of that sector, so they can cut corners and stay on to their mid and high end offerings, and at least get the funding to finally fix their damn CPUs.

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