AMD’s Final Launch HD 7990 Specifications Revealed

/ 5 years ago


AMD’s HD 7990 has been in the media a lot recently with the card being leaked onto eBay and then going on to sell for a ridiculous $96,000. We also already brought you confirmation of the launch date that is going to be April the 24th. However, despite all of this we are still yet to see official launch specifications until today.

Today’s leak lets us know the exact specifications of the new graphics card from AMD. The AMD HD 7990 will have the following:

  • Dual Tahiti XT GPUs
  • 1GHz core clock speed
  • 4096 stream processors
  • 2 X 3GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • 6GHz effective memory clock
  • 64 ROPs
  • 256 TMUs
  • 768 bit interface (384 X 2)
  • PCI Express Gen 3.0 16X Interface
  • 576 GB/s memory bandwidth
  • 8.2  TERAFLOPS of peak compute performance
  • Triple 92mm fans
  • Internal Vapour chamber
  • Dual Link DVI and four mini DisplayPorts
  • 375W TDP
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Naturally these specifications can’t be confirmed for good until AMD’s official launch but everything seems realistic and in order. We only have four days to go until the launch when pricing should also be revealed. Expect a price of $1000/€900/£800 or more.

While the launch is coming next week many are expecting a paper-launch. That is an official release but a total lack of stock availability.

What are your thoughts on these specifications?


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3 Responses to “AMD’s Final Launch HD 7990 Specifications Revealed”
  1. Gerry Mann says:

    FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 768 bit? my life is complete.

  2. (When) i get a spare 1k i’ll be picking one of these up ASAP!!

  3. Ultracer says:

    Your CPU will be cooked by all those heat…

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