AMD’s FX-9590 Gets A Huge Price Cut, Joins The HD 7990

/ 4 years ago


AMD’s FX-9590 CPU has just has its price cut in the UK from the £700 MSRP all the way down to a £300 MSRP. This means the FX-9590 is now around twice the price of the CPU it is based on, the FX 8350, which costs about £146. The retailer in question, Aria PC, did not specify if such a price drop was initiated by themselves or AMD but given the extent of the price reduction we can assume AMD has indeed lowered the price of the FX-9590 processor which is hardly surprising as it probably wasn’t selling very well at £650-700. The FX-9590 joins the HD 7990 in getting a massive price cut, for those who do not remember AMD chopped the price of the HD 7990 down $300 just a few weeks ago from $999.99 to $699.99.

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AMD’s FX-9590 runs at 4.7GHz stock and turbos up to 5GHz so requires some serious cooling to keep it tamed. A Corsair H100i or Cooler Master Seidon 240M is recommended. It is also recommended that only high-end 990FX motherboards from Gigabyte, MSI, ASUS or ASRock are used with the latest BIOS updates. Though the FX-9590 is an OEM part there is a direct AMD warranty available for a period of 2 years.

You can see AMD’s FX-9590 for £299.99 right here.

Image courtesy of AMD

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  • LoGAReTM

    299 ! that’s pretty good

    • Swag

      Not really – you can still get a 4770k for less and easily wipe the floor with this processor

      • Granger

        If you have the motherboard to put it on.
        If you already have a high end AM3+ motherboard, this is a great deal.

        • Zeed

          if you got PSU and cooler to pull it of that is…

  • Wayne

    It’s still 150 to much. 🙁

    • I agree and disagree, I think £200 would be a fair price given a FX 8350 costs £150, maybe £225 at a push. Definitely not the 700 it was before though

      • Wayne

        Heh heh. I was just being sarcastic (for a change). I think 200 would be a fair price as well.

  • Richard Jones

    i will stick to the 8350 for a while , the seidon 240 keeps it at 50c overclocked , 30c normal running
    but come on AMD how can you justify the cost of the 9590 ?

  • mizzoufan96

    For this price I would probably just get the i7-4770. This still looks good anyways.

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