Analysts Say Many Windows XP Users Will Use Past Retirement Date

/ 5 years ago


With 37% of worldwide desktop computers running Windows XP at the last count, what Windows XP users choose to do when the operating system is retired on April 8th 2014 is very important for the PC industry. Computer vendors are hoping renewal of existing Windows XP based machines will drive a recovery of PC shipments. That said the latest report from InformationWeek suggests otherwise.

Eric Schissel, the CEO of LA GeekTek IT services – a company that provide operating system migration support to businesses, said that most users on Windows XP would rather stick to it beyond the retirement date than migrate to something else because their configurations work fine.

“The business owners generally have the ‘if it ain’t broke’ attitude, and despite our urging, they don’t see the value in spending extra money to replace machines that still work…It’s a waiting game at this point, and we get diminishing returns from pushing our clients.”

With Windows 8 providing unpopular in the enterprise and business space, only Windows 7 remains a viable upgrade option for the 37% still left on Windows XP. Maybe Windows 8.1 can put some spark back into the Windows business environment?

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One Response to “Analysts Say Many Windows XP Users Will Use Past Retirement Date”
  1. Wayne says:

    I agree with them. You don’t need to change for change sake although MS spend millions trying to convince us otherwise.

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