Android Phones Will Feature USB Type-C in the near Future

/ 3 years ago


The new USB Type-C seems to be getting a lot of appreciation on the market for mobile devices. Google is said to already have included the technology in its Chromebook Pixel series and is now looking to include it in new Android smartphones too, according to product manager Adam Rodriguez.

Though Google did not officially mention which Android devices would feature the new technology in the future, it would only make sense to see it on the new Nexus handsets. USB Type-C is great for a number of reasons, one of them being tat it is reversible, it can transfer data and power your devices simultaneously, and many more.

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“We at Google are very committed to the USB Type-C spec,” Rodriguez said. “Expect to see this in a lot of Chromebooks and Android phones in the near future.”

By introducing the new Type-C USB on a variety of devices, users can then sync and charge their devices, from laptops to smartphones, using only one USB cable. Though it will take some time for the change to fully take place, it is something to look forward to.

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