Android Wear For iPhones Coming Soon

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In recent years, we’ve developed quite an affection for technology. Be it your everyday computer, to the pocket computers called Smart Phones that people use for gaming, messaging and doing everything except actually phoning people. One of the bigger trends in recent years has been the introduction of wearable technology, ranging from trainers tracking your steps to a wristband that monitors your heart and running speed. Of these wearable techs, the most common would be the smartwatch, a device that seems like any other watch but acts as a digital screen for your smartphone. Google’s very own Android wear being amongst the most popular, supporting their Android mobile operating system from the start, now however if you are interested and own an iPhone the Android wear could be decorating your wrist soon enough.

For a while, it was rumoured that Android wear may soon support iPhones and it now seems that google is confirming this information themselves. Sadly as with all good news this one comes with a catch. You will require an iOS 8.2 or higher iPhone (iPhone 5 and more recent models) and the app will only work with the latest in Android wear watches. This means that currently only the LG Watch Urbane will support iPhones, with newer models further supporting the system.

Are you an iPhone user? Would you be interested in an Android Wear? Do you own a smartwatch and if so how do you use it?

Thank you Engadget for the information and the image.

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