Anonymous Claims $3 billion Damage In #OpIsrael So Far

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Anonymous recently started a campaign against the Israeli government in protest against their treatment of Palestinians and the Palestinian situation. Anonymous called this operation “#OpIsrael” and it has running for quite a while now. The latest update from Anonymous claims to have caused over $3 billion in damage, hacking 100,000 Israeli websites, 40,000 Israeli Facebook accounts and 30,000 Israeli bank accounts.

Israel’s government has said that there has been no major disruptions but the group claims to have hacked more than a dozen official Israeli websites. The hacked websites include those for the Israeli Police, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Israel Securities Authority, the Immigration Absorption Ministry, the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Defense.

Israel is boasting about the minimal levels of damage caused by the attacks so far. It also cited the attacks of last November where it claims very little was achieved there too. Ben Yisrael, an Israeli military scientist, general and ex-politician, told the UK Independent:

“So far it is as was expected, there is hardly any real damage, Anonymous doesn’t have the skills to damage the country’s vital infrastructure. And if that was its intention, then it wouldn’t have announced the attack ahead of time. It wants to create noise in the media about issues that are close to its heart.”

The issue still remains though that Anonymous are attacking Israel because of their perceived oppressive behavior towards Palestinians yet the Israeli government show no signs of wanting to change their policies because they admit to none of the wrongdoings which Anonymous are claiming. Holocaust remembrance day was observed yesterday and these events become even more controversial and emotionally charged as some Pro-Palenstinians liken Israel’s conduct over the Palestine issue as betraying the legacy of the Holocaust

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What do you think of OpIsrael? A nuisance? Law breakers at work? Or are they justified? Do they have a valid point?


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4 Responses to “Anonymous Claims $3 billion Damage In #OpIsrael So Far”
  1. ET3D says:

    The question is, does this kind of attack (or terrorist act in general) ever produce a beneficial result? If someone defaced eTeknix because of something they didn’t like about your policy or your country’s policy, will it make you think “he might have a point, let’s change things”?

    • Or is the question not “will it make a difference by attacking disempowered people?” Even if everyday Israelis want to change the situation in Gaza most lack the power or ability to do so, after being hacked they are even less likely to want to bother. So yes I agree very much.

  2. corepulse says:

    “The issue still remains though that Anonymous are attacking Israel because of their oppressive behaviour towards Palestinians yet Israel show no signs of changing this in the slightest. Holocaust remembrance day was observed yesterday and what a shameful turn of events it is that Israel utilises its history of being persecuted to advance its own aggressive foreign policy in exactly the same thing, persecution.”

    I look at this site almost every day to see news about new gadgets, etc.

    As much as I know you’re a TECH news site, not a pro-palestinian site.

    please do not take a side in this or at least don’t write completely wrong stuff or that I’m sure that me & probably a lot of other people will stop looking at your site as a tech news site and consider it as just another site that tries to implement pro-palestinian comments whenever it can and spreads false stuff.

    I’m saying that again because i really enjoyed looking at your reviews until today, Please do not take a side in this.

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