Anonymous Hackers Target Bieber For Wearing Their Mask – Major Embarrasment

/ 4 years ago


The Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask is a symbol of resistance, the Hacktivist movement and online cyber-protest as well as sometimes even cyber-crime. But what does it become when “teenage pop sensation” Justin Bieber starts wearing it? Well evidently it doesn’t become anything positive because Anonymous are already calling people to go after Justin Bieber for “making a mockery” of the Anonymous mask.

“Greetings citizens of the world we are Anonymous! It has come to our attention that Justin Bieber has made mockery of Anonymous. We now unite and make it known to Justin that Anonymous are not to be taken lightly”

In the event created by Anonymous they have pledged to “go after” Justin Bieber’s Facebook page(s), his Twitter page(s), his PR companies and any personal email addresses they can find. “#OPButtHurtForBieber” as the campaign is called intends to show Justin Bieber that he should never be seen in public again wearing the Anonymous mask.

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Do you think it is fair that Anonymous have targeted Justin Bieber?

Image courtesy of 247PapsTV / Splash News

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  • Mason / MrPS3skills

    seems ok for them to target him to me.

  • Propane

    I think Anonymous should not waste time and talent over an idiot like Justin B….

  • Vyseus

    fair enough.

  • MrSteel3y

    Sounds good

  • Jurge92


  • True

    they should target him, with a sniper rifle.

  • FuTTi

    Anonymous ‏@AnonPressOffice9h
    Whomever is running #OpButtHurtForBieber via facebook … is a 1/10 troll and 0/10 Anon. #Anonymous

  • Capt. Obvious

    Idiots will be idiots. Both Bieber and “Anonymous” You would think they would find it ironic that another idiot is stealing somebody else’s trademark

  • Zach

    Just a question, since when is the guy fawkes mask ONLY an anonymous thing? Sure go for him whatever but what if a normal person wears it for a V for Vendetta movie event thing? Will he be attacked if they dont know whats going on?

    • It is not only an anonymous thing but they definitely popularised it a lot, I think that is the issue.

      • Zach

        Ok just worried tehy would attack anyone over it mostly, I loved the V for Vendetta movie and me and my friends always do a get together on the 5th of november and watch it and stuff. I can udnerstand Bieber getting attacked as lately he has been rather much of a douche lately.

  • nemises

    good bout time some one put that tool in line

  • Andou

    Leave the little girl alone

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