Another listing of the HD 7970, now cheaper

/ 6 years ago

As seen before, although way ahead of due date, the Radeon HD 7970 has once more been sighted, on this time.

Sources told Fudzilla that the final price for Europe is set to be €499, and while the FOB price is set to be around $480, when you add the taxes and obviously some retail margin, you end up with a much higher price.

Now Amazon isn’t known to be the cheapest, as shown by the price of the HD 7970 which showed up for €529 at Amazon’s German e-tailer, although it is a big leap compared to the first listings which reached around €650.

Fortunately for us, there most probably will be some retailers/e-tailers selling them at lower prices, so that may not be something to worry about so much.

If you wish, you may check out the listing at here.


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