Antec P100 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

/ 4 years ago

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New Antec chassis have been a little bit of a rarity in the last couple of years, so I’m very happy today to see their P100 in my office and ready for testing. Antec was once my number one choice for chassis products when building my own systems, and their Three Hundred is still one of the best low-budget chassis products on the market. The P100 is aimed at the other end of the market, designed with high performance systems in mind and as such it’s a little more expensive at around £70 from most major retailers.

There are lots of great chassis on the market within this price range, so the P100 is going up against some tough competition from all major brands such as Cooler Master, Corsair and NZXT, who all have premium products of similar specifications and price. Of course each brand usually offers something unique, be that the design or a few added bonuses that set them apart. One of the main selling points for Antec has long been their build quality, often favouring thick cut steel panels that are likely to last many years.

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The P100’s understated design is packed full of features, including sound dampening materials, plentiful dust filters, water cooling support, room for multiple expansion cards (eg; triple SLI graphics cards), cable management, USB 3.0 and loads of tool free storage bays, so it certainly sounds like a prime pick for a high-end gaming rig.

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The packaging is nicely design, with a large image of the chassis on each side of the box, as well as a “quiet” label in the top left, detailing that this chassis has been lined with sound dampening materials.


Around the back is a more detailed run down of the features of the chassis, but of course we’ll be getting in for a closer look in a moment.


In the box you’ll find a bunch of cable ties to help with cable management, a collection of high quality screws to install all major components, a quick setup guide and two 3pin to molex fan adaptor cables.


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2 Responses to “Antec P100 Mid-Tower Chassis Review”
  1. Wayne says:

    It sounds like a solid choice but yet again they opt for a punched out top cover. While it’s acceptable for a 40 quid case, for 70 bones I’d expect something a little classier.

  2. Hernan Alonso says:

    I just got the case and build my pc on it.. My build looks clean but..the usb front panel connector is really have to go buy the classic usb connector or the new usb3 connector to the mobo.. it kills all my work!!!

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