Antec releases updated Six Hundred case and Skeleton

/ 7 years ago

Antec have recently diverged into the Audio market, expanding on their range of products which until now consisted primarily of computer cases and cooling systems. They are still eager to impress and improve upon their old range to show that they aren’t just going to forget about their core customers as they move in to the competitive audio market.

Since the beginning of this year they have already released two updates to their current line. The first is the V2 Six-Hundred case, although externally this looks exactly the same as the previous version. Its main new feature is the addition of a hot-swappable 2.5in caddy hidden behind the front panel of the case. There is also an extra bay added at the bottom of the case for another 2.5in drive, giving 11 bays total. Other than that this case is very much like the original and comes with the same fan set-up as before and will be retailing at a very similar price.

The second update that Antec have brought out is a change of colour scheme to their Skeleton case which was originally called “outlandish” by various people. It is now in a classy matt white, which does look very smart. Other than that the skeleton case remains unchanged.


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