Antec Solo II Mid Tower Chassis Review

/ 6 years ago

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Over the years we have seen many new products come onto the market from Antec and every now and again they release a fresh updated version of an existing product. The Solo II bears no surprises that its predecessor is the original Solo case that was built around a concept of a very quiet yet high performing chassis. The Solo II continues this trend whilst also taking trends from the Sonata series of cases that offer convenience, ease of access and most of all – simple yet elegant aesthetics.

With quiet computing in mind, there are naturally no real lean towards performance as Antec wanted to reach out to completely separate user group in the market. This is to include the corporate work setting where its uniform looks would fit in with it surrounds and also the general home PC user that wants a system that looks good yet sits quietly in the corner no making itself heard due to its built in sound deadening and noise reduction mountings.

Have Antec fallen back on old times with an older style of chassis design and aesthetics or has the Solo II come back to bring back a life from the past?

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