Anti-Gay Tactics Move to Video Games

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Warning: This story may contain words and phrases that may distress some readers. Read with caution.

When you think of anti-gay protests, you think of religious types standing at the side of the road holding banners and signs to ‘warn’ everyone else of the impending doom that they think will devour the Earth. One American gamer/developer skater, Randall Herman, took it upon himself to target the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in a game known as “Kill The Faggot” (KtF).

The game resembled Doom cross with duck shooting at the fair, the aim of the game was to kill anyone who was gay or transgender and you lose the game by killing straight NPC’s. How did you know if they were a target? They uttered phrases such as “Can I put my ******* in your butt?” and “Whoops, I just dropped the soap.”


The game was launched through the Steam ‘Greenlight’ service, which was initiated back in 2012 to help small game developing companies get their foot in the door. As you can image, the gaming community reacted in the typical way, pretty much the entire user base┬áreported the game. A game with these motives breached Valve’s terms and conditions of Greenlight games and was removed within hours of being made available. What makes things worse, the creator of the game stated that was just a demo for the full version of the game “The Shelter: A Survival Story”

Click here to watch gameplay via YouTube, as we refuse to embed it.

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As someone who lives a day-to-day life within the LGBT community, I find this offensive and commend Valve for the immediate removal of the game. I understand that game developers are having to find new ways to shock gamers. but a game focused on the eradication of LGBT is just down right wrong.

What are your thoughts on a game like this making an appearance on Steam? Let us know in the comments section.

Thank you to ArsTechnica for providing this information.

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19 Responses to “Anti-Gay Tactics Move to Video Games”
  1. Enjoy says:

    Are we going to be taking down all games that offend people now? I don’t agree with the viewpoint of this game, but I defend the right of them to have it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Like a bakery that will not cater to gay weddings, don’t force them to do it. Let the people talk with their money.

    • Porkalicious says:

      actually, that is a kinda sick viewpoint in itself… would you let game stores sell guns with the argument that “don’t like it? Then don’t buy it.”
      Letting money talk is one of the worst things to let happen, you know.

      • Abm37 says:

        That’s a pretty poorly laid out straw man. Ignoring the fact that places that sell both firearms and games actually exist, even if a game a terrible idea, as long as it’s done satirically shock value games are actually decent at promoting messages about how stupid something can be. One shouldn’t just outright ban material just because it offends a few people, otherwise literally everything would be stopped at the door. That being said, if it’s being done seriously with malicious intent, nobody would actually play it, and it’d just be another flop, hence “Money talks”.

        • BB3 says:

          This said, I wonder if kill the *insert racial slur* or kill the *religious follower* would evoke the same feelings of free speech.

          I’m sure if this game was targeting black/muslim/Jewish people the backlash would be entirely different and it’d probably qualify for global news in a quiet week

      • Enjoy says:

        If a game store wanted to sell games and guns, great! I’d shop there and buy both. You don’t like what they’re doing? Don’t go in the store. If they’re doing something illegal, that’s another thing. If it’s somebody’s right to do something, then they have the RIGHT to do it. it’s also your right to tell them what you think, protest, do whatever. It’s not your right to make them stop. The only way you can make them stop is by not empowering them. How would you empower someone selling a game you don’t like? By buying it! So, don’t buy it.

        Also, what Abm37 said. ­čÖé

      • Enjoy says:

        Also, about your game store thing. If the thought were so abhorrent to a community, they would not shop there. They would not buy the games or the guns. The game/gun store would go out of business. Your example is garbage. Your whole argument is garbage.

        Let’s say someone decides to open a child daycare/liquor store. As long as it’s legal to do that, sure, go right ahead! Is it a good idea? No. Would I take my kid there? No. Would I booze there? Maybe. You see, when you open up a business or you’re doing something for money, Money is what talks, that’s why you’re doing it in the first place.

    • Archie says:

      i dunno, i’d be more inclined to play it if there was a bit of equality. like, the choice to kill anyone i wanted, regardless of creed, orientation, race or appearance.

    • Tom says:

      Unless you are open to “Kill the Nigger” or “Kill the Cunt” video games that are aimed at blacks and women respectively, then that stance would be completely hypocritical.

      • Enjoy says:

        I’m not making them, but if that’s someone’s opinion, let them do it. It may not be the best business move to make a game called “Kill the Nigger” but I guess some people might like it. You don’t like it, don’t buy it. Not everybody likes christian rock, some people are even offended by it. Should we tell them to stop making music? Freedom of speech and freedom of expression is a right. You may not like the message but they have a right to express it. I don’t like the KKK, but if they want to peacefully march up and down my street, I defend their right to do that. I also defend my right to yell out the window how fucking inbred they are.

        Valve also has the right to not sell their games if it doesn’t want to.

        • Tom says:

          Then I would like to see more of those kinds of games. Honestly, I believe the LGBT community is just an easier target where it’s still a moral gray area to insult and inflict upon them. But I see it all the time. People are so quick to scream discrimination when it’s against blacks, women, or Jews… But when it’s about gays? Oh, suddenly they’ve got a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” because their opinion has to be respected…. it’s Free Speech or based on “old-fashioned morality” or *vomit* “deeply-held religious beliefs.”

          • Enjoy says:

            I don’t care about gay rights, I don’t care about Jewish rights, I don’t care about women’s rights. I do care about the people’s rights to express their opinions and fight for their cause. Whether it be pro or con, it doesn’t matter. The right of the individual is first and foremost. I personally think gay is not genetic and people learn gay traits through their own personal experiences. Is it wrong to be gay? I don’t care. You be whatever you want. If you’re not forcing other people to be gay, and you only have intercourse with consenting adults, who am I to tell you that you’re wrong? Be gay, be nazi, be whatever thing it is that make you happy. The minute you endanger me or my family, I have bullets for you. Otherwise, do what you want. I may not agree with your lifestyle, but freedom is your right to have it.

          • Tom says:

            Unfortunately, I must use the same zeal. If someone threatens me or my family, I have bullets for them. And because I’m gay, I’m in more danger than most. Which is why I laugh and find it ridiculous that people still try and assert that it’s some sort of “choice.” (I particularly liked how you wrote ‘be gay’ right next to ‘be nazi,’ I think that says quite a bit about your mindset)

            But then again, you aren’t me and you haven’t had to suffer at the hands of so-called friends and family for your innate sexual nature over which you have no control and yet were made to feel ashamed and hated over, so I understand that it’s easy for you to sit in an Ivory Tower within a demographical majority and make arbitrary hypotheses on the sexual orientation of others. Allow me to set the record straight, I made no choice in my sexual orientation and I was raised in a devout Southern Baptist home where I was never molested nor was I exposed to any “outside” homosexual stimuli. Ergo, your theory falls flat on it’s face unless you’re simply prepared to call me a liar for the sake of keeping with your safe narrative that gays are the way they are through choice or other malleable means.

            After all, it’s much easier to dismiss the myriad misfortunes that gays have had to endure when you can believe that they have no one else to blame but themselves for voluntarily indulging in sexual deviancy. I know this mindset all too well, it’s my father’s.

          • Tom says:

            BTW, whoever told you being gay is a lifestyle wasn’t being honest with you. Renting a condo in Miami and yachting is a lifestyle, being gay is a sexual orientation. I truly loathe when people use the misnomer ‘lifestyle,’ it’s like they’re utilizing every word and vernacular they can, both passively and actively, to label being gay as a ‘choice.’

          • Enjoy says:

            Being into S&M is a lifestyle. Having a sex dungeon is a lifestyle. Regardless of the semantics, I didn’t mean to imply that I thought being gay was a choice. I’m just saying it is not genetic. As you grow up, you find what you think is attractive and what you like and don’t like. I am not attracted to 99% black women, I don’t have anything against them, I never chose to find them unattractive, I just don’t find them attractive. I’m not against gay people either. Do what you want, and live free. Get married if you want. Doesn’t bother me one bit.

            Me, in my white male privileged ivory tower, I have it all. (sarcasm) Don’t think for a second that because you label yourself one thing or another that you have the monopoly on pain. “Well, I’m black, I’m gay, I’m a woman, so you have no idea what it’s like.” I don’t. You don’t have any idea what it’s like to be me either. There’s all kinds of pain in this world and no group owns all of it. We, the privileged white males, can’t say because we’re this or that, our life has been miserable. We just have to shut up and be miserable, because anything we’ve gone through could never be as bad.

            Sorry I placed the word Nazi in the vicinity of the word gay. You missed the point. I don’t have to understand, I don’t have to care about, I don’t have to be a part of, I don’t have to want to be, I don’t have to agree with, anyone’s group, ideals, orientation, sex, etc, to say that I support their freedom. As long as they’re not hurting anyone else. Go ahead and do it. I don’t count hate speech as hurting either. We all may hate what someone is saying, but it’s their right to say it.

          • Tom says:

            My reaction to the word ‘lifestyle’ is a knee-jerk response borne from and compounded by it’s utilization by my detractors as a passive way of calling my orientation a “choice.” I do not know whether homosexuality is “genetic” in the strictest terms, but I do believe it is both biological and innate. Your example of a lack of interest on your part for black women is a false equivalency. What you have described is a sexual preference (or lack thereof) that manifests within your pre-existing orientation. Ergo, homosexuality and preference are intrinsically and fundamentally different. Sexual orientation has three components: sexual attraction, sexual identity, and sexual behavior. Homosexuality manifests the same as heterosexuality does. You will hear many adults recall how, as children, they had an innate attraction to the opposite sex well before puberty. I had this same attraction… for males. I remember it distinctly throughout my childhood…of course this attraction didn’t manifest sexually until puberty but it was most certainly there. Sort of like a seed that didn’t take root and flower until later but was ever present. (You can guess that this caused no end of dissonance being reared in an environment where I’m taught that I’m supposed to have these feelings for the opposite sex.) I have never in my life been attracted to women, real or imagined. This is not a preference. As I can only draw from my own experiences of how I was raised in a strict heteronormative environment yet exhibited and experienced only homosexual feelings for the entirety of my life, including childhood, I came to the conclusion that my orientation is of biological nature. After all, if human beings are born in such states as hermaphrodites where an individual displays the outward physical attributes of both sexes, why is it so extreme to infer that this could also manifest in the brain within the areas of reproduction and attraction?

            When people talk about the white-hetero-male “privilege,” they aren’t inferring that you were born and given certain advantages that the rest of us were denied. That is why the term is in fact a “misnomer.” What they are actually indicating when talking about this “privilege” is, in fact, the distinct lack of DISADVANTAGES when compared to minorities such as women, blacks, gays, etc. Now, this is a generalization ONLY. Individual experiences will vary. I’m sure there have been gay men that were born into extreme privilege… just as I’m sure there have been heterosexual, white men that have been born into terrible misfortune. However, individual experience notwithstanding, it is safe to presume that those very same white men have never suffered any social stigma from their sexuality, no matter how terrible their lives may have been. Likewise, it stands to reason that no matter how wonderful that privileged gay man’s life man have been, he has more than likely suffered discrimination to one degree or another over his orientation. THAT is what LGBT people mean when they say that hetero men cannot understand what it is that we suffer nor what “privilege” they enjoy by not having to suffer social stigma for their sexual orientation.

            My best friend in the world is a straight man and it took a him a long time to finally get a good grasp on how different our lives have been simply because of our differing orientations. He grew up with a loving and moderately well to-do family and cadre of loyal friends. Meanwhile, I was raised in an extremely unhappy broken home where I was abused due to my sexuality while my friends at school abandoned me after I was thrown unceremoniously out of the closet. These experiences shaped us and molded us into the people we are. My friend is a very bouncy, cheery, energetic, and extroverted guy who walks out his door everyday like he’s going on an adventure. I, on the other hand, am an introverted, sarcastic, cynical, borderline pessimist that suffers from social anxiety in large groups of strangers.

            I believe in freedom as you do. However, I would denounce a video game where you lynch black men (calling them niggers and blue gums) that was created by an avowed racist just as I have denounced this game. He has the freedom to create this game. BUT when we say “freedom,” all we are saying is that the government has no right to interfere. That does NOT make you immune to ramifications or repercussions in the public sector or the market. It is not the government that I want to become involved in this. It the public sector and the market (basically, the people of the US) that I want to recognize that this sort of behavior is unacceptable in a modern society and react accordingly… showing this man that this will not be tolerated. In this way, we are a free people who govern ourselves. That is freedom. He is free to act as vulgarly as he wishes… and we have the freedom to show that him that we will not tolerate such hate. Freedom truly is a two-way street.

            People who spew and create hate such as this and cry about “freedom” when people become upset at what they’ve done are hypocrites. They don’t want “freedom” and that isn’t what they’re talking about. They want immunity from the consequences of their actions… and that’s not freedom.

      • Enjoy says:

        We’re ok with “Kill the Arab”. What’s the difference? You can’t pick and choose.

  2. Gboss says:

    This game is truly sickening. I mean, why can’t I just kill everyone? Why am I loosing points for killing straight people?
    Seriously though, this game looks like it sucks.

  3. Jordan Kytyn Benns says:

    Think it was done for the shock value rather than as an explicit form of hate speech, along similar lines to Hatred. The best thing we can do here is to not streisand-effect this and just let it die.

  4. Tom says:

    I think it’s sickeningly amazing how if something is offensive to the LGBT community (no matter to what heinous degree), there are still people who scream that we have to respect the viewpoints and Freedom of Speech of the perpetrators that would pander such hate.

    HOWEVER, when that same hate targets women, blacks, Muslims, or Jews then ALL OF A SUDDEN all thoughts of gray areas, Freedoms of Speech, and “respect” are out the window.

    The lesson? You can still use “morality” and/or religion as a “Get Out of Jail Free” Card when discriminating against the LGBT community but NOT against these other demographics. Why? Because, apparently, LGBTs aren’t “worthy” of it yet and we must respect the opinions and action of those who spew hateful filth and commit heinous acts against us.

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