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AOC 16T2 15.6″ Portable Touch Screen Monitor Review

I’ve tested many monitors over the years, from modest 1080p budget models, up to super-sized ultra-wide monitors that cost thousands. Actually, quite a few of those monitors were from AOC too, actually. However, I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a portable monitor! The AOC 16T2 looks set to offer you a truly dynamic way to expand your workspace. A couple of years ago, this was a product I wanted to take on tour with me for events. These days, it offers some interesting opportunities for the work-at-home generation and our current home-schooling needs.

AOC 16T2 15.6″ Portable Touch Screen Monitor

While at the very basics of it, the 16T2 is a 1080p 15.6″ monitor, which is good enough for a bit of light media consumption or expanding your workspace. However, every feature after that makes this monitor even more exciting. It’s a 10point touch screen, so when you hook up a Windows Touch, Android device or similar, you’ll be able to use all your touch input games and software; as well as an on-screen keyboard. It’s an IPC panel, so the colours should be great too.

Beyond that, you get both USB-C and Micro-HDMI, so you’ll be able to connect just about anything. Furthermore, it has an 8000mAh battery, which can power the display for up to 4 hours over HDMI, but you can still charge your phone from the USB-C port too; that’ll drain the battery quicker though, obviously. There’s even a pair of stereo speakers built-in, a built-in case/stand, VESA mounting and more; tell me you don’t already want one, I dare you!


  • USB Charger (AC adapter), USB-C to USB-C/A cable, VESA mounting bracket, SmartCover included
  • 10-point touch screen (capacitive) function for ease-of-use with your compatible devices (must connect via USB-C)
  • USB-C (dual ports, one on each side for ease of cable management) connection allowing for single cable delivering video, power, audio, and touch signals all via one single cable (DP Alt Mode support must be required on the host device)
  • Micro-HDMI port input for connecting as an external monitor for a wide range of digital devices such as gaming consoles, digital cameras, laptops, and more (HDMI cable NOT included)
  • Built-in 8000mAh battery for up to 4 hours of self-powered display when connected to HDMI devices. The built-in battery can also act as a battery bank for your phone when connected via the USB-C port
  • Stereo speakers built-in for a wider and more immersive soundstage when connected via HDMI or USB-C with supported devices
  • Extremely lightweight and compact, weighing in at only 2.2 lbs and measuring in at less than 0.4 inches thin
  • Included SmartCover which can be used as a stand in both landscape and portrait modes and covers to protect the screen when not in use
  • Includes VESA mounting bracket that allows for easy and thin-profiled VESA mounting
  • AOC USB-C portable monitor with 15.6″ screen and Full HD 1080P (1920×1080) resolution that can act as a second screen for your portable devices

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