Apacer introduce 16GB 1600MHz RDIMM

/ 5 years ago

This newly-launched DDR3-1600 16GB 2Rx4 ECC RDIMM server memory module from Apacer is 100% JEDEC compliant and has built-in ECC. Thanks to its outstanding hardware design and advanced memory chips, server systems can boost operation efficiency by 20% and builders can provide multiple and superior storage device options to customers. To help create optimal product performance, the DDR3 server memory module has gone through rigorous reliability tests. It is fully compatible with the latest Intel/AMD 2-way server platforms and supports the latest Intel Quad-Channel Xeon E5-2600/4600 series and AMD Quad-Channel Opteron 6000 series server platforms for communication network devices, demonstrating incomparable platform compatibility.

With many years of experience in server memory module product design, Apacer’s business covers a range of designs and major clients include medium and high-level cloud computing server manufacturers, as well as disk array storage server and front end network load management server manufacturers. Additionally, this product series is suitable for image processing, scientific computing and Computerized Tomography graphics workstations.

Apacer products have all gone through rigorous environmental tests (extended temperature and high/low pressure testing for long periods of time) as well as various motherboards compatibility tests. The modules have passed each major vendor’s platform tests and have gained certification from CMTL, the certified third-party lab authorized by Intel, for ensured compatibility and stability when used in servers and network communication systems. All of these particulars have made Apacer the enterprises’ prime choice among storage solution providers.


Model Name: DDR3 16GB 1600 ECC Registered DIMM

Capacity: 16GB

DRAM Type: 1024Mx4

Voltage: 1.5V±0.075V

PIN : 240 Pin

Cas Latency: 1600-CL11

JEDEC Standard : Yes

RoHS Compliant : Yes

Warranty: Limited Product Lifetime Warranty


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