Apple 1 PC sold for $630,000 to an anonymous bidder

/ 5 years ago

One of around 200 units that was hand-built Steve Wozniak, namely the Apple 1, was recently sold at an auction held by German based technical antiques specialist “Auction Team Breker”.

The unit was sold to an anonymous internet bidder for a record-breaking $630,000.

The unit was expected to sell between $150,000- $250,000 and another of the same model was sold in NY for $374,000. The Apple 1 isn’t exactly a rare collectors  item, but computer collectors such as Lonnie Mimms has two of these in his collection, one of which is still fully functional.


This aside, the Apple 1 is the first production PC from Apple which is what makes it a valuable collector’s item. Back in 1976, co-founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs sold 200 of these units, out of which some of them have Steve’s signature on.

Source: Business Insider


2 Responses to “Apple 1 PC sold for $630,000 to an anonymous bidder”
  1. Wayne says:

    That reminds me I still have a “working” Apple II e from the 80’s stuffed away somewhere in my garage. I wonder if it’s worth anything? I would never buy an Apple product nowadays but at one time they were alright.

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