Apple and Google in patent resolution talks

/ 5 years ago

Google’s Larry Page and Apple’s Tim Cook have been having behind the scenes talks to help resolve ongoing disputes between Google and Apple. The two chief executives had a telephone conversation last week to discuss key topics such as the ongoing mobile patent disputes, and talks involving lower-level officials are reportedly are also being held.

The last time the two spoke was before the Apple vs Samsung case judgement which saw Apple bag a healthy $1 billion. With that advantage to Apple we expect they will now negotiate knowing they have the upper hand when it comes to the mobile patent disputes they have with Google.

No information on the content of the discussions between Apple and Google is known, except that it is over mobile patents.

It will be interesting to see how Apple and Google’s negotiations proceed should Apple succeed in getting the $1 billion of damages against Samsung tripled by filing a new request to judge Lucy Koh after Samsung were convicted under wilful infringement.

Google’s mobile portfolio currently includes its subsidiary Motorola and its Linux based Android operating system used in the majority of smartphones.


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