Apple blocks Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Australian release

/ 6 years ago

The ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple regarding 10 Apple-owned patients, covering the touchscreen element and the “touch and feel” of the iPad has resulted in preventing the Galaxy tab from being released in Australia next week. This is a substantial victory for apple as they are now in court rooms across the world with Samsung including countries such as the UK, Germany, US, Italy, France, The Netherlands, South Korea, Japan and Australia, as well as trying to block the sale of the Galaxy tab and several Android phones in the US.

Apple claims that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is simply a copycat tablet where as Samsung argue that some of the ten patients that Apple holds on the iPad are not even valid in Australia.

Before the next hearing, which is scheduled for August 29th, Samsung is required to provide Apple with three Australian Galaxy Tab samples. Samsung have agreed to stop advertising and all sales of the device until it wins court approval or the case is resolved. Should Apple lose the patent infringement lawsuit it has agreed to pay Samsung damages.

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