Apple Considering ARM Over Intel

/ 5 years ago

Over the recent months we have been seeing the ARM architecture that sits at the heart of all of Apple’s mobile devices, grow and become much stronger giving them the extra power and speed that is much loved and liked. The giant however is now contemplating in giving Intel the boot and instead brewing their own line of ARM based chips instead to go into all of their Macs. Whilst this is not going to be an immediate change and could see a transition happening after the next couple of years once the processors are developed and tested to show that they can give what the x86 architecture already does – if not better.

If this were to happen and actually go through, then Intel are going to take a severe hit with all Macs at this present moment branding their name and the markets currently becoming a bit stagnant for Windows machines.

Whether or not this eventually goes through is a time will tell scenario and it could all lead to nothing considering Intel have been making chips built for the purpose for a long time, but Apple’s engineers are confident that they will be able to make the chips powerful enough to power their future systems from notebooks and laptops right upto the top end desktop systems.


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