Apple Drop Samsung As Their iPad Mini Display Manufacturer

/ 5 years ago


Apple and Samsung’s various feuds have been far from private and have mostly been played out in the public arena. Their latest disagreement comes with Apple phasing out their business relations with Samsung. As you may or may not know currently Samsung still produce a lot of displays and processors for Apple products but this is slowly changing as Apple is picking new business partners to work with and cancelling contracts with Samsung. The latest cancellation comes with displays for the current iPad Mini and future next-generation iPad Mini.

As of the next generation of the iPad Mini, Apple will use the Taiwanese-based firm Innolux and China’s Century Display to product all their touch panels for the iPad mini. Considering how well the iPad Minis are selling this is potentially a big loss for Samsung.

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Apple is looking to shift their business away from Samsung on the current iPad Mini by using the likes of LG Display, Sharp, Japan Display and AU Optronics for displays. It will be interesting to see how Samsung deals with this loss of business but at the same time it will be nice to see a wide range of smaller companies getting the opportunity to gain some business that can help them thrive and innovate and drive the display market forward.

What are your thoughts on this latest development between Samsung and Apple? Who do you think will lose out more, Samsung or Apple? Let us know your thoughts.


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  1. d6bmg says:

    And I don’t think Samsung cares about it.

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