Apple Expected to Sell 30 Million Apple Watch Units in 2015 Alone

/ 3 years ago


Apple is expected to launch its Watch sometime early next year, but there are some analysts already pegging some massive hopes on Apple’s first foray into the world of wearables. Some analysts expect the company to sell over 30 million Watch units in 2015 alone.

MacRumors reported on a survey conducted by UBS analysts, which reached a similar conclusion: with a poll showing that around 10% of respondents to the survey would “very likely” purchase an Apple Watch in 2015. UBS expects around 24 million Watch units to be sold in the first 9-12 months of the Apple Watch launching, with analysts also expecting the company to sell around 240 milion iPhones in the same 12-month period.

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Continuing with what UBS believe, is that Watch could one day replace the iPhone, which is something most people would find hard to believe – myself included. “Cellular and battery technology is not yet sufficiently miniaturized to fit in the Watch and allow independent functioning. We would think the ability to do so is maybe five years away. In fact, the screen size differential may mean that the Watch and the iPhone will prove complements rather than substitutes. Arguably that is the way the iPad and Mac might be playing out, different products for different jobs,” wrote UBS.

Source: BGR.

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