Apple Eyes Up AMD?

/ 7 years ago

Do we all remember that advert a little while ago where Intel announced that they will no longer be restricting their chips to the PC market? Well, we might just be getting a similar advert from AMD.

After a slide featuring iMacs and Mac Pros appeared at the AMD Financial Analyst Day, the internet rumour-mill has recently gone into overdrive: implications are being made that Apple is planning to offer the new line of Fusion APUs in it’s lineup.

This makes financial sense for AMD, but I do wonder why Apple would be interested.

AMD chips work on the best price/performance ratio, something that Apple do not have a very good track record for. As most of the cost of a Mac is justified by the casing and OS, will the difference in price really be great enough for consumers to buy the AMD-based products?

Only time will tell…

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  • aruffell

    This could make things interesting as me spoke about the other day Mike, but one would normally expect that a company using cheaper parts would mean the price would come down but being Apple, you know that's not the case so you are paying even more for the name.Andy

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