Apple Finally Provides SSDs For Their iMac Systems

/ 4 years ago

Apple, Inc. has finally added the option to include a solid state drive as a disk option for iMac.

Although the company didn’t specify which SSDs are being used, for $300 you will get a 256gig SSD, whereas you’ll need to shell out $600 more for the 512GB SSD and $900 for 768GB version.

Apple has also the option to equip their iMac desktop systems with their ‘Fusion Drive’ which is essentially nothing more than a 128GB SSD used as a caching SSD paired with the 1 TB hard drive installed on the system, just like how we have SSDs with Nvelo firmware like Corsair Accelerator and SanDisk ReadyCache drive. The SSD Caching provides extra caching for the programs that are used frequently, therefore allowing you to get faster access and bit better load times.

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Unfortunately, for now this only applies to 21.5″ model. Those who are interested for the 27″ counterpart may have to wait, depending on when and if Apple, Inc chooses to do so. Apple, Inc. also doesn’t provide the option to mount a 3TB Hard drive or a 3TB Fusion drive, let alone a 768 GB Solid State Drive.

Source: Toms’ Hardware

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