Apple lures away one of Samsung’s chip designers

/ 5 years ago

It looks as though Apple aren’t just happy with suing Samsung into oblivion, now they’ve taken one of their chip designers. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple has hired Jim Megard, who spent 16 years with chipmaker AMD before joining Samsung just over twelve months ago as chief system architect.

Megard, up until packing his bags for the fruit logo company, worked in Austin, Texas at Samsung major chip design factory and fabrication plant. The facility where Megard worked actually made chips for Apple, funnily enough. Megard is a specialist with system on a chip (SoC) microprocessors, and with Apple selling more mobile devices than personal computers, you can see why Apple would want to scoop up someone familiar with hardware they’re already working with.

It’s unknown whether Megard will move from Austin, Texas up to Cupertino or not.


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