Apple ordered to apologise to Samsung

/ 5 years ago

Samsung’s victory over Apple in the UK was a welcome relief to consumers, allowing Samsung to sell their Galaxy 10.1 tab to the UK market. Apple’s claims that the Galaxy 10.1 tab was a copy of the iPad have been falsified in court, and now a UK court is saying Apple should repair the damage it has done to the Samsung brand image.

Apple must publish an announcement on its UK iPad site stating that Samsung did not copy the iPad design, this is required to remain on the Apple site for at least 6 months. Apple must also run other notices in national newspaper and magazine publications informing consumers that their previous claims were invalid and untrue.

The new order was not included in Judge Colin Birss’s initial judgment against Apple, but the possibility of this order was reportedly discussed after the verdict was handed down.

The publications have a specific objective, according to the court they must repair the damage done by Apple giving consumers the impression that the Galaxy 10.1 tab was merely a cheap and bad copy of the Apple iPad. The court clearly thinks this is a realistic way to go about repairing the damage, but both Samsung and Apple have yet to comment on this. There is a possibility that appeals could be launched before this process gets the go ahead, probably by Apple.


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