Apple Releases Annual Christmas Ad

/ 3 years ago

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Apple has released its annual Christmas ad – and you guessed it, it’s a pull on your heartstrings, soppy, seasonal, family-fest.

Apple seems to have made a habit of releasing big Christmas ads in the last few years, starting with its Siri Santa ad in 2011. This new ad, ‘The Song’, focuses on a young girl that just so happens to come across a recording from her grandmother when she was younger. The record was presumably for her husband who couldn’t make it for Christmas.

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The girl then goes and edits her own version of the recording, mixing in her grandmother’s voice with her own, along with an instrumental accompaniment. All of this is obviously produced on her MacBook Air and is left as a surprise to her grandmother on an iPad.

It’s a warm and fuzzy ad that should make even the most cynical of Christmas scrooges feel somewhat more seasonal.

Source: The Verge

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One Response to “Apple Releases Annual Christmas Ad”
  1. Wayne says:

    I wonder if the families and loved ones of the suicide victims at Foxconn’s plant are going to be enjoying Xmas as much thinking about the cost with which Apples products come.
    While all big companies are evil, some stand out more than others.

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