Apple Testing Nanowire Material for iPad Plus Display?

/ 3 years ago

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Even though Apple has never encouraged the use of a stylus for its iPads, it looks like things might change soon enough as new rumors suggest that the tech giant has ordered silver nanowire material samples from several display suppliers. Nanowires are still being experimented on in laboratories, but they could actually be implemented in the iPad Plus’ display in order to allow the use of a stylus. This would make the iPad Plus the very first Apple device to include such a feature.

Furthermore, nanowires are said to be cheaper to produce when compared to traditional touch panels, which means that Apple would also stand to gain financially from their implementation. The iPad Plus is a business-orientated tablet that is expected to command a premium price tag. Nanowire could allow Apple to sell it at a cheaper price, which would ultimately benefit consumers. Other expected highlights of the tablet include a sapphire glass display cover, a USB Type-C connector, NFC connectivity and an impressive 11,000 mAh battery pack. The iPad Plus was originally expected for a release sometime in 2015, but the latest rumors suggest that 2016 is a much more likely release date.

Would you use a stylus with the iPad Plus?

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