Apple to buy Hulu after Microsoft withdraws

/ 7 years ago

Microsoft recently withdrew from the bidding process to buy the video streaming website for an estimated price of around $2 billion. It now seems that Apple is looking to make a move in the bidding process and win Hulu for itself. Apple needs to be able to deliver exclusive multimedia content to its own devices and the takeover of Hulu would give it the infrastructure to do this.

According to Bloomberg two people with access to knowledge about the auction but unauthorized to speak publicly about it were the sources for this information. Apple was recently estimated to be worth an impressive $78.2 billion in terms of cash and securities which makes the previously mentioned $2 billion estimated price tag of Hulu relatively small and therefore a sensible acquisition.

The owners of the website Hulu which are Walt Disney, News Corp and NBC Universal are believed to be offering 5 year program extension rights as well as exclusive rights for the first 2 years of those 5 years. It seems a viable option so it surely won’t be long before we see the iHulu?

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