Apple to drop YouTube app from iOS

/ 5 years ago

Apple has announced it will be dropping Google’s YouTube App from the next version of its iOS software. This means that iPhones or iPads that update to the new iOS or ship with it, will no longer feature built in support for YouTube. For many, this will mean no access to YouTube with no support for Flash Player – although a YouTube App will be available soon on the Apple App Store for free download. The removal of the YouTube App as a pre-loaded app on iOS is another sign of Apple’s increasingly anti-Google policies.

Apple said the reason it had removed the App was because the license had expired. Although most people know that licences are continuously extended and renegotiated across the technology sector, with many laws in place to ensure companies get access to licensing deals in the interests of the consumer and competition.

Apple added that users can still access YouTube through the Safari browser, which is a better option for most given the website does not feature the same restrictions on advertising and available artists as Apple’s self-designed YouTube app does. This comes in the wake of Apple’s recent move that removed Google Maps from iOS in favour of its own in house map service powered by TomTom.


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