Apple Watch is Actually Waterproof

/ 3 years ago

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The Apple Watch release is imminent with delivery dates being pushed forward for customers who have pre-ordered. Some have already received theirs and have taken it upon themselves to test the watch.

In some of these tests, the Apple Watch was subjected to a 5-minute shower test which it passed with full functionality. After that, it was treated to a soap and water 5-minute test; again to full functionality. After these tests, they tested how water tight it was by submerging the watch in a bucket of water for another 5- minutes. The watch shrugged off the water and continued working.

The tester then decided to go to the next level, he decided to take it swimming for a whole 15 minutes. The watch suffered slightly with delayed touch response, but it continued with full functionality of the other features.

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Apple are massively under-rating the waterproof rating for the Apple Watch, which would make sense to avoid water damage claims, but that would be a massive selling point for a new device; where you don’t have to remove it to take a dip in the pool. Despite the tests, we still recommend not carrying out these tests yourself with your watch and try to avoid hot water which would cause expansion of the metal casing around the screen.

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