Apple Watch is Waterproof, Apple Pay in Europe “By End of Year”

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Tim Cook has seemingly been on a tour of Germany recently. Over the last few days, we’ve seen reports showing him visiting various places in the country. His visit began with the announcement that the company is to build two giant 100% renewable data centres in Europe, all as part of an investment worth $2 Billion. Just the other day, he was seen at a glass factory in the country, seeing glass that is to be used on Apple’s new campus. Yesterday, he visited a local Apple Store, and some employees from that store gathered new information about the Apple Watch and Apple Pay.

iGen reports that employees in the store asked Tim about his experience with the new device, and he said that he wears it all the time and “even in the shower.” We’ve known all along that the Apple Watch is water resistant to a degree, but not that it could be used in the shower. The innards of the device are said to be encapsulated inside a special resin that provides the water resistance.

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As for Apple Pay, he told the employees that the service, which has been successful in the US, will arrive in Europe “by the end of the year.” This has surprised some, as reports have suggested that banks and other organisations have been finalising deals recently. Most of those reports concerned UK banks however, so it will likely be a staggered launch, covering most of Europe at least “by the end of the year”.

Cook also visited German Chanellor Angela Merkel as part of his visit, which has now seemingly ended, as he’s since been spotted in Israel, meeting with the President of the country.

Source: 9to5Mac

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