Arcade-style shooter “Thunder Wolves” Now Available For Preorder On Steam

/ 5 years ago

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The Thunder Wolves are taking off next week to obliterate evildoers everywhere. Available on Steam May 15, the game can be preordered now. Early-birds get a discount of 20-percent off the regular price of $9.99. In addition to the PC release, the engines are already warmed up for the upcoming release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

“There are missions that are so dangerous and secret that only the best of the best are up to the job; the kind of mission that calls for the Thunder Wolves! These daring helicopter pilots are equipped with explosive weapons and ready for anything.”

In this two-fisted arcade shooter, Thunder Wolves, the player becomes part of this formidable group of pilots who carry out every order, no matter how dangerous, with unequalled precision and speed. Protecting an oil platform, destroying a chemical factory, or stopping advancing enemies in their tracks – their goal is nothing less than saving the world, and this requires staying a step ahead of the terrorists by finding out just what they are planning.

  • Arcade-style action with explosions galore and ridiculously destructible environments.
  • Nine helicopters with unique arsenals.
  • Carry out 13 missions, including stealth operations, escorts, and seek-and-destroy missions.
  • Enemies galore: from terrorist foot soldiers and land vehicles to enemy helicopters.
  • Challenging bosses with crushing firepower.
  • Three levels of difficulty: Casual, Normal, and Expert.
  • Local co-op. Fly into battle as a pilot/gunner duo.
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Thunder Wolves is the work of the Hungarian development studio, Most Wanted Entertainment, and is being released on PC, Xbox 360 & PS3.


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