Arctic Freezer 33 Series Semi-Passive CPU Air Coolers Announced

/ 8 months ago

Arctic Freezer 33

Cooling manufacturer Arctic has announced the introduction of their new Arctic Freezer 33 CPU air coolers. These replace the previous generation Freezer 32 series and provide support for the latest systems including socket AM4. However, it drops support for any other non-AM4 AMD socket.

The series currently includes the Freezer 33, Freezer 33 CO and Freezer 33 Plus initially.

Arctic Freezer 33

The Arctic Freezer 33 series targets the price-performance sweet-spot of CPU air coolers.

Arctic claims at least 30% performance increase compared to the Cooler Master Hyper 212X while having a lower noise fan. It utilizes a direct copper heatpipe design similar to the Hyper212X as well.

All three CPU coolers have identical heatsink bodies. These use four 6mm thick copper heatpipes connected to 49 pieces of 0.5mm thick aluminum fins.

Arctic Freezer 33 CO

The differences between each Freezer 33 model lies in the fan used.

The ‘CO’ model utilizes a Japanese dual-ball bearing fan and has black fan blades. The letters ‘CO’ stand for continuous operation so it uses higher quality parts.

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The ‘Plus’ model has an extra 120mm fan similar to the regular model which uses non-Japanese dual-ball bearing fan.

Arctic Freezer 33 Plus

Arctic recommends that the heatsinks be used with 150W TDP CPU loads, and a maximum of 320W. The dual-fan version has a little bit higher 160W TDP rating recommendation, because of the additional active cooling.

Socket Support and Compatibility

Arctic Freezer 33 Accessories

Intel Socket


* SQUARE ILM (80 x 80 mm spacing) only

AMD Socket


Pricing and Warranty Information

The regular Freezer 33 costs $45.99 while the CO version with Japanese ball-bearing fans cost a little bit more at $49.99. The dual-fan Freezer 33 Plus is also surprisingly affordable at only $49.99, hence it is a better value than the regular Arctic Freezer 33. All three heatsinks come with a 6-year limited warranty.

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