Arctic Breeze USB Desktop Fan Review

/ 5 years ago

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Computers produce a lot of heat, which is the primary reason why computer enthusiasts spend so much money buying advanced cooling solutions. By cooling your computer down, you actually chuck all that heat out into your room and if you’ve got high end hardware then your computer can raise the room temperature a lot.

Arctic have devised the perfect solution for this scenario and while it may seem like a gimmick, we wanted to give it a go to see what it’s all about, especially after seeing so many games sporting one at the latest Multiplay Insomnia i46 LAN gaming event in Telford

The Arctic Breeze USB Fan that we have today is a 92mm fan that is meant to sit on your desktop and keep you cool by blowing air in your direction. Being a USB powered device with no drivers needed for installation, it could be used at home, work, college, university or in any place where there is a powered USB port available.

It doesn’t matter why you are hot, be it a heat wave or be it dual HD 6990s running Furmark, the Arctic Breeze USB desktop fan is still a potential saviour to your heat problems.

Here are some of the key specifications from the product page:

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