Arctic Released Alpine M1 & Alpine M1-Passive Silent AM1 CPU Coolers

/ 3 years ago

Artic Albine M1 3

AMD’s AM1 platform has great potential for a lot of builds, but the stock cooler leaves some wishes open. Arctic seems to think so too and they have released not one but two new CPU coolers for just this platform. The new CPU coolers are the Alpine M1 for whisper silent operation and the Alpine M1-Passive for completely silent operation.

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The Alpine M1 comes with pre-applied MX-2 thermal compound ready to use. It has the same cooling abilities as the stock fan, but with figures that speak a lot more to us. Where the stock cooler will spin with up to 4000RPM, the Alpine M1 comes away with just 750RPM, resulting in a barely audible noise generation. The 80mm low-speed fan delivers the desired airflow and pressure without producing any audible noise, even under full load it generates only 0.1 Sone.

Artic Albine M1 2

The Arctic Alpine M1 comes backed by a six-year warranty and will only cost you £8.99 on Amazon.

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Artic Albine M1 1

The second new CPU cooler from Arctic kicks the whole thing up a notch, or rather down as it comes without a fan and is a completely passive cooler. Despite the lack of a fan, the cooling block can keep an AMD Athlon 5350 Quad-Core under full load at just 49 degrees. The stock cooler with a fan can keep the CPU at 46 degrees, so that’s barely a difference in performance.

Artic Albine M1 Passive 3

The aluminium cooler is 77mm wide and 70mm high, so it should fit into pretty much any chassis. Like the active brother, it comes with pre-applied MX-2 thermal compound, ready to be mounted in your system.

Artic Albine M1 Passive 2

Arctic’s Alpine M1-Passive will cost a little bit more than the active version, but not much. It can be had for just £9.49 on Amazon at the time of writing and also comes backed by the same six-year warranty as the active model.

Artic Albine M1 Passive 1

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