ARM launch next generation Mali-450 graphics processor

/ 5 years ago

ARM has announced the launch of the ARM Mali-450 MP Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), doubling the performance of the successful family of Utgard architecture-based graphics products. This includes the Mali-400 MP GPU that can currently be found in a wide range of mainstream products, including smart-TVs, as well as Android based smartphones and tablets.

The Mali-450 MP GPU expands the range of performance points by supporting scalability of up to 8 cores, while also doubling vertex processing throughput. The Mali-400 MP GPU’s market-leading performance density has proved that it is possible to deliver both performance and power efficiency. The Mali-450 MP takes those capabilities to new levels and, with additional architectural optimization, is designed to maximize reuse of the available resources during the graphics operation. This minimizes the power and bandwidth requirements of the Mali-450 MP GPU.

The ARM Mali-400 MP GPU has become the most popular graphics solution for smart-TVs and the majority of Android-based tablets. Graphics requirements continue to expand, and with increasing screen resolutions, more devices are benefitting from the inclusion of a GPU. As this demand increases, so does the range of performance points which are required to address these markets.

The significant improvements of the Mali-450 MP GPU, in conjunction with software compatibility across Utgard architecture-based graphics products, enable current Mali GPU users to expand their range of graphics performance points. It also lowers the barrier of entry into the market as new entrants can benefit from the dynamic Mali ecosystem; wide API support; and high-quality, mature drivers already available for the Mali-400 MP GPU.

Availability is immediate and will be global.


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