ARM Striving For Console-like Mobile Graphics, Acquires Geometrics

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Geomerics, which has been awarded the title “leader in lighting technology” for the gaming and entertainment industries, offers Enlighten, the world’s first fully real-time global illumination technology. The acquisition will help ARM expand its position in the visual computing and graphics industries, while Geomerics can build on existing partnerships and accelerate development in mobile.

Typical mobile graphics applications today are limited to simple, direct lighting effects only. However, with global illumination, which provides advanced, photo realistic lighting effects in 3D graphics, effects such as compound reflections, refractions, shadows and other advanced effects are enabled. The result: more life-like graphics quality.

“The innovative technologies being developed by Geomerics are already revolutionizing the console gaming experience and are set to rapidly accelerate the transition to photo realistic graphics in mobile,” said Pete Hutton, EVP & GM Media Processing Division, ARM. “Empowering Geomerics’ portfolio with ARM’s graphics capabilities and market reach will be transformative for the user experiences in future mobile and entertainment devices.”

ARM’s announcement boasts that Enlighten is the only solution proven to deliver fully dynamic lighting on today’s PCs, game consoles and mobile platforms. In fact, you may have already seen this tech in action, as it’s used in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3, Need for Speed Rivals, Eve Online and Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

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  1. Skidmarks says:

    Well I’m not 12 anymore so playing games on a mobile device is as interesting as watching paint dry as far as I’m concerned.

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