Ars Technica Taken Down in Apparent Hack

/ 3 years ago

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Popular tech news site Ars Technica was taken down yesterday in an apparent hack. The site went black, literally, for a short while before coming back up.

A black screen said “Ars security” along with some Twitter handles believed to be those of the hackers – “@nidohax” and “@metapawd”. A caption beneath that said “cue the music” and The Verge says that music was to be heard playing alongside the black screen.

They also said that the problem wasn’t a global one – the site could be accessed in some countries outside the US, including for myself in the UK. I first heard of rumours of a hack just after 8pm last night, thought nothing of it as I could browse the site with no hinderance whatsoever.

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That obviously wasn’t the case for everyone, and we can only wonder why it occurred. It seems it was only minor though, with the site back up pretty quickly and with no news of any data leaks so far; a scenario only Sony could wish for.

Source: The Verge


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