Asgard AESIR DDR5 32GB 4800MHz Memory Review

How Much Does It Cost?

Priced at around £260 or $350, the kit isn’t particularly cheap when compared to DDR4 kits of memory but when comparing to other DDR5 kits of memory we can see that the cost of this kit is actually quite reasonable for a kit with RGB if current pricing can be trusted.


The design of the Ram is fairly clean and sleek but the gold accents may not be for you and you may not be a fan of the way they covered some of the RGB potential with a solid plate with a printed name on it. When we evaluate the performance we see that it’s slightly below the higher clocked kits without overclocking it, but the positive was that we managed to overclock to the same frequency as those kits without stability issues so this could almost be seen as a 5200Mhz kit if you are willing to tweak settings in the BIOS, and then you quite easily could have a 5200Mhz kit of memory at the cost of a 4800Mhz kit.

Should I Buy One?

If you like the design or don’t care about how your memory looks as long as it isn’t basic and green then this could easily be the kit for you, the overclocking potential brings this kit into a higher level of performance for a lower cost than kits of ram that are clocked at the same speeds as we managed to achieve with overclocking. So to answer the question of whether you should buy one? I would say yes, as long as you overclock it. And for these reason I will have decided that the Asgard AESIR DDR5 Ram deserves the Gamers Choice Award

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Brandon Dodman

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