Assassin’s Creed main character in modern-day Amsterdam

/ 6 years ago

With the release date getting nearer and nearer, Ubisoft, or more precisely their Dutch colleagues, have created an interesting promotional video.

Under one minute long, you’ll find Altair, the main character from the anticipated game, struggling to update is arsenal in the modern-day Amsterdam, land of the cheese and tulips along with other things…

Back to the game, due out on November 15, if I recall correctly, Assassin’s Creed previous PC settlements were delayed more than once, which obviously left some fans rather angry, yet still impatient to play the game. We shall see if this one will make the exception.

Sit back and enjoy this entertaining promotional video.


Don’t worry about the rest, as soon as we have the game to review, you’ll hear about it.



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  1. Love these Games, can't wait!

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