Assassin’s Creed Unity Receives Pre-Order Lottery

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Ubisoft apparently tends to take pre-release sales to a new level of marketing. The first sign was when pre-orders started for Watch Dogs, having the company releasing the title in numerous versions, all with their own bonus content. This time, Ubisoft is clearly taking interest in pre-order content “uniqueness”, having users who pre-order the Assassin’s Creed Unity title granted access to a weekly lottery in which they have the chance to win various prizes.

The company has stated that the lottery winners will be drawn and rewarded every Friday, having the prizes consisting of in-game DLC and all the way to paid holidays in France and Canada. It is said that every user will get a free try to spin the wheel, having them usually receiving in-game content and prompted to set up a Unity account in order to claim it. Customers who pre-ordered the game however are said to be granted 5 more spins every week, increasing their chances to receive more valuable prizes.

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Taking up this bold move and already releasing pre-ordering for the game four months ahead of its launch date does tend to raise questions about the actual game itself. The video details only what can be won and the bonus content and prizes customers have a chance to win, and nothing about how good the title will be, having the company looking a bit desperate from a point of view.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft did retain its ‘tradition’ in its pre-order system, having customers who pre-order the game be rewarded with the Chemical Revolutions mission pack. In addition to the latter, retailers are also said to offer their own bonus material along with the pre-order and the included mission pack.

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