Asus & MSI ‘Stealing’ Colour Combinations/ Branding Concepts From Eachother?

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Asus Club Indonesia has put up a picture of a conversation between “Asus Boss” with someone else. Most likely its a joke or maybe its not- you decide! But it does imply that Asus may have used the colour schemes on the “Dragon” Series GPU because MSI ‘stolen’ colour scheme from Asus’ ‘Republic of Gamers’ branding.

Making jokes and mudslinging, ‘directly and indirectly’, either in a marketing material or via social networking websites,  is something which has been happening for a very long time even in the PC Industry. There was a time when two of Tier 1 leading motherboard manufacturers was over eachother when it came to “Mine is bigger than yours” and “I have more” motherboard phase counts on their mid-to-high-end motherboards. Some months ago, ASROCK made a cheap shot over Gigabyte in their facebook page by putting up a RAGE comic, which prompted few folks from Gigabyte management to comment on their facebook page.

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Asus’ GTX 660Ti “Dragon” Variant was shown off yesterday which uses a Dragon themed full metal backplate and a different colour-scheme, while still maintaining the DirectCUII GPU cooler design. As Ryan Martin pointed out, the GTX 660Ti Dragon Edition appears to have an electrical noise filter or an extra power module on the rear of the GPU, which does look awfully similar to MSI’s GPU Reactor Module.

Thankfully, colour schemes cannot be patented. But what message would you like to give to your favourite manufacturers, irrespective of the brand? Should they ignore those who copy them or should those who did have the intention to copy someone else should be original and give a feature/innovation that people can choose them wholeheartedly.

Credits to Sumon Pathak of for pointing that out via Facebook.

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