ASUS Ares II “HD 7990 on Steroids” inbound

/ 5 years ago

We’ve already seen the first HD 7990 from PowerColor. However, we’ve yet to hear or see anything from AMD and its other partners with regards to the HD 7990. Some have suggested PowerColor made a brave move in announcing the HD 7990 on their own, and possibly without AMD’s approval.

Anyway, the fact PowerColor have announced a HD 7990 means there will almost definitely be more to come from others. ASUS had previously denied speculation that they were working on a ARES II card, a dual GPU graphics card which is the AMD equivalent of the MARS III dual Nvidia GPU card. It will be based on dual HD 7970s, probably GHz Edition variants, and it could possibly pack 12GB of VRAM should ASUS decide to add 6GB of VRAM per GPU.

This ASUS ROG ARES II graphics card will be like a HD 7990 in the sense it has dual HD 7970 GPUs but expect the TDP, frequencies, performance and price to all be a fair bit higher.

So far though all we have is a picture of a new ARES-style cooler which is said to be the ARES II. Performance is rumoured to be better than the ASUS ROG Mars III graphics card (aka a GTX 690 on steroids) but we’ll leave that as just a rumour until we see legitimate performance figures from both cards.



3 Responses to “ASUS Ares II “HD 7990 on Steroids” inbound”
  1. Jurge92 says:

    Why don’t AMD just release the damn 7990? ><

  2. Marcus says:

    Where can i buy one from?

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