Asus to bundle Leap Motion’s gesture control with notebooks and AIO units

/ 5 years ago

Asus are looking to be bundling a gesture control system made by Leap Motion’s gesture controls into high end notebooks and premium All-in-One units. To those who don’t know, Leap Motion’s Gesture Control lets users control their systems by gesturing with their hands and fingers in the air, with the help of a device on the desk. Leap Motion is a San Francisco based start-up company behind the new 3D Gesture control for computers.


LM’s gesture control is reported to be 200 times more accurate and significantly lesser cost than Microsoft’s $250 Kinect add-on which only tracks hand movement and other objects with an 8 cubic feet space instead of the user’s whole body.

Asus would be the first of many OEMs to adopt this as quote by Leap Motion, stating that many companies are interested in bundling their gesture control with their OEM units. LM controllers are expected to come in standalone versions too. Recently it closed a $30 Million funding bid to bring gesture control technology to a wider audience.

Via: Techspot

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