ASUS to Release White GeForce GTX 970 Turbo

/ 3 years ago

asus white gtx970

Asus is releasing a rather fine-looking modified NVIDIA GTX 970 in white with red accenting. Though information is limited, we know that the card will use a blower-type cooler, non-reference display connectors (two DVI, an HDMI, and DisplayPort), and likely a modified PCB.

Despite its bad reputation after the VRAM allocation scandal, the GTX 970 is still a popular graphics card, especially since it has no direct competition from AMD.

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Asus teased the GPU on its PCDIY page, promising more information to come soon.

Source: VideoCardz

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One Response to “ASUS to Release White GeForce GTX 970 Turbo”
  1. Eoin Mc Namara says:

    Sweet, looks very AMD inspired.
    Inwonder though, how much cooling was sacrificed in comparison to their Strix?

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