ASUS TUF Z370-Pro Gaming Motherboard Review

/ 5 months ago

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A Closer Look

Who cares about performance? Just look at that motherboard, it’s certainly a great looking bit of kit. OK, we really care about the performance too, but as much as looks are subjective, that’s a gorgeous and unique looking motherboard!

The new-ish socket is sitting in the middle here, offering up support for the new 8th generation Intel Core processors. Surrounding that you’ve got those lovely TUF components, such as the chokes and capacitors, which should allow for clean delivery of power to the CPU for more stable round-the-clock overclocking.

Another lovely feature is that huge rear I/O guard, which keeps things looking clean. It’s even designed to overhang and match up with the heat sink to keep things flowing nicely.


Four DIMM slots, again with their own high-quality components to allow for better overclocking of your memory. Here you can also see that cool digital effect design on the PCB; it’s the little details that add up.


Down the right side of the motherboard, there are four SATA ports. There’s also a cool cut-away on the motherboard, it serves no purpose, but in my own words “it looks dope.”

There are two more SATA ports down the bottom edge, as well as all your USB, front panel and a few fan headers. There’s also an M.2 connection here, with a second one between the PCIe slots.

There are three full-size PCIe slots, and 3 shorter ones. The top full-size one is armoured, but I would have liked to see at least two of them done for those using more than one heavy graphics cards.

Finally, you’ll find a reasonably well equipped rear panel. There’s a selection of USB ports, PS2, HD Audio and optical. For displays, you’ll also find an HDMI port, as well as a DVI connector; sorry, no DisplayPort here.

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